• Getting Things Done

    Retain more from your reading

    How to implement a systematic note-taking habit or process that effectively supports knowledge retention when I am reading. This is the question I continue to try and answer, as I imagine so many others do as well. Not a simple problem, but also not impossible, as we learn from Maria Popova (Brain Pickings) and Ryan Holiday.  Both Maria and Ryan have processes which allow them to gather and index information that will be available for them once they sit to write. Myself and many writers I know have the opposite experience. We read and retain some of the book, we kind of remember where we read something and spend too…

  • Bits and Bites

    Useful Technical Magazines & Blogs

    As a technical professional we are expected to keep up with the trends in our industry. The internet provides free access to several sources. The question, which resources are best for you?  Magazines Wired  PCMag  ComputerWorld MIT Technical Review American Scientist Fast Company Blogs Tech Crunch Techno Byte Tech Meme Reddit DevOps Software Development Of course this is a short list! I will continue to add as I find things and please share anything useful in the comments. 

  • Bits and Bites

    Not failing at DevOps!

    In a recent ZDNet article,  “DevOps may finally help deliver the software automation we’ve been waiting for,” Joe McKendrick has a conversation with Sacha Labourey from Cloudbees and it caught my attention, Sacha said:  “within larger organizations, “it’s just harder — size is in itself a factor of inertia,” he says. “Silos are much stronger.. so even if there is a mandate from the top down to change, it just takes a lot of energy and time to fight all of those headwinds.” Sacha Labourey from Cloudbees Silo’s, politics, and legacy systems do make the transition difficult, but not impossible. Focus on breaking the habits and start small. Gene Kim,…

  • Bits and Bites

    Are you monitoring?

    Continuous Monitoring is not an afterthought; however, it is for most. Monitoring through each phase (concept to cash) provides transparency to how the systems is acting and reacting.   This transparency helps you troubleshoot issues and identify risks in the process and system. Get a baseline and look for bottlenecks or performance issues.  Work with your customers. the business owners, and understand their questions. Monitor to answer those questions and be a superstar.  

  • Delivery,  Technology

    Leverage Automated Delivery to have Frictionless Software Delivery

    The goal of CD is to be able to release software frequently,and reliably, in a frictionless manner. By Daniel Horton “By now it should be clear that the only way to create value is to release. Testing your products against the marketplace is crucial for the agility of your organization,“ Don McGreal wrote in his book “The professional product owner.” An organization’s ability to release features to its customer base in a fast and reliable manner is a differentiator that we see in many industries. It is the difference between being the top company or the runner up. Each client I meet has the same problem. They are inundated with manual…

  • Hacks

    Gain Clarity with the Feynman Technique

    “I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.” – Richard Feynman   Do you say “I read it in a book” or do you really know how it works? So many people learn the buzzwords and really don’t understand the underlying concepts. Which comes out when you start having a detailed conversation on the topic. I’ve had this happen and I feel embarrassed that I do not know enough and also frustrated because there is never enough time to learn everything. Then there is the fact that we only retain about 10% of what we read. According to the learning pyramid, from the NTL Institute…