For over 20 years, I’ve been an enterprise architect, solutions designer, and developer. A technology leader with an interest in empowering retailers to leverage technology more effectively. To exceed their customer’s expectations by helping align business strategies and IT initiatives, improving processes, architecting solutions, and delivering systems that adhere to industry tested processes and practices. 

Daniel k Horton

I am a technology translator, strategist, puzzle solver, designer, developer, and sometimes wizard. I have mastered the ins and outs of retail systems and help organizations use their legacy investments in new ways, thus ensuring intellectual capital is retained. I spend my time brainstorming solutions, maturing ideas, providing technical oversight, teaching, coaching, and mentoring other technologists. 

As a retired Marine I do not give up on problems. Any issue can be solved — improvise, adapt, and overcome and I bring this determination to every problem I face.

”Productivity isn’t about being a workhorse, keeping busy or burning the midnight oil…It’s more about priorities, planning and fiercely protecting your time.”

Margarita Tartakovsky