Not failing at DevOps!

In a recent ZDNet article,  “DevOps may finally help deliver the software automation we’ve been waiting for,” Joe McKendrick has a conversation with Sacha Labourey from Cloudbees and it caught my attention, Sacha said:

 “within larger organizations, “it’s just harder — size is in itself a factor of inertia,” he says. “Silos are much stronger.. so even if there is a mandate from the top down to change, it just takes a lot of energy and time to fight all of those headwinds.”

Sacha Labourey from Cloudbees

Silo’s, politics, and legacy systems do make the transition difficult, but not impossible. Focus on breaking the habits and start small. Gene Kim, Jez humble, et al.. in “The DevOps Handbook,” asserts that:

an organization needs to create a dedicated transformation team. Make them accountable, provide clear goals, and allow them to work autonomous from the current organization. Demonstrate real value through the new processes. 

Jez humble

The goal is to move away from the ingrained habits and politics. If you cannot — you will fail!

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